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Section VIII: Couple and Family Therapy and Psychoanalysis

A Section of the Division of Psychoanalysis (39) of the American Psychological Association

Welcome to the website of Section VIII: Couple and Family Therapy and Psychoanalysis of the Division of Psychoanalysis (39) of the American Psychological Association.

This website provides information to professionals and to the public regarding couple and family therapy within a psychoanalytic context.  There is access to additional information for mental health professionals who are members of our Section in the Members Only Section.



The members of Section VIII seek to apply the theories and treatments of psychoanalysis to the many and varied problems encountered by couples and families. We also want to enlarge the scope of psychoanalytic understanding by incorporating multiple perspectives to fit the added complexity found when people are seen together.

As part of the community of Division 39, we seek active dialogue with our colleagues to promote the broadest possible understanding of the special ways for psycho-analytic practitioners to engage with couples and families.  Along with other members of Division 39, we work to promote outreach activities that address psychological and other needs in the society at large.

Finally, we speak for the interests of all families. Because each family exists in the context of their culture, ethnic background, and sexual orientation, it is our responsibility to grasp their diverse subjective experiences in all aspects of their lives.



President: Cindy Baum-Baicker, Ph.D. (2014-2015)

Past-President: Joyce Lowenstein, Ph.D.

President-Elect: Deborah Wolozin, Ph.D. (2014-2015)

Founding President: Mary-Joan Gerson, Ph.D.

Secretary: Noa Ashman, M.S.W. (2014)  

Treasurer: Lee Futrovsky, Ph.D. (2014-2016) 

Representative to Division 39 Board:  Maurine Kelly, Ph.D.


Susan Abelson (2013-2015)

Carl Bagnini (2013 – 2015)

Monique Bowen, Ph.D.  (2014)

Phyllis Cohen, Psy.D. (MA) (2013 – 2015)

Shelly Goldklank, Ph.D. (2014-2016)

Maurine K. Kelly, Ph.D. (2012 – 2014)

Cheri Marmarosh, Ph.D.  (2012 – 2014)

Shelley Nathans, P.D. (2014-2016)


Finance: Lee Futrovsky, Ph.D.

Nominations and Elections: Joyce Lowenstein, Ph.D.

Program: Cindy Baum-Baicker, Ph.D.



Education and Training: Roberta Caplan, Ph.D.

Membership: Joyce Lowenstein, Ph.D.

International Affiliations: Mary-Joan Gerson, Ph.D.

Publications: Carolynn Maltas, Ph.D.

Public Policy:  Cindy Baum-Baicker, Ph.D.



Listmaster: Susan Shimmerlik, Ph.D.

Newsletter Editor: Antonia Halton, Ph.D.

Webmaster: Susan Shimmerlik, Ph.D.

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